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Alastair Blake Campbell

(+44) 7889 319122

43 Larchfield Road
United Kingdom


Bibliographic Data Services, Ltd. - 2012 – Present

Systems Analyst / Programmer, 2015 – Present

I worked as part of a team developing software to accomplish widely varied tasks, such as MVC Web Applications, Desktop and Mobile Apps, Console/Service Applications, Databases, and more, using a wide array of technology. Primarily I worked with C#, JavaScript/jQuery, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS and Microsoft SQL, but I additionally did a lot of development work with PHP and MySQL. This role also included a lot of server operations work, so I am very comfortable performing administrative tasks on both Windows and Linux servers. Major tasks included:

IT Infrastructure Technician, 2012–2015

As an IT Infrastructure technician at the company I planned and implemented many IT infrastructure solutions, including creating a new FTP site, a new Exchange organization, the recreation of the company’s Active Directory domain, management of their DNS servers, firewalls and other network infrastructure.

Alchemist Technologies, Ltd. (2010)

Trainee IT Support Engineer (Summer job)

I worked alongside other engineers, attending customers on site or diagnosing hardware and software issues at our workshop. I performed tasks such as identifying and replacing faulty hardware components, diagnosing and fixing issues with software/operating system configurations and similar.


University of the West of Scotland (2013-2015)

Dumfries & Galloway College (2011-2013)

Dumfries Academy (2006-2011)

Other Technical Experience

Athena, a club management system I wrote a database/system for use by my local board games club to track membership, events, payments, and so on. The project was written in php, with a MySQL backend database.

Core Skills/Programming Languages

C#: I have worked extensively with C#, both professionally and as a hobby, developing everything ranging from business applications, to games, from web forums to simple web servers. I am additionally very experienced with the .NET framework and popular NuGet extensions.

Web: I have been developing websites and web applications both recreationally and professionally for many years, with a wide array of skills and competencies. I’ve developed REST API applications and integrated external APIs into other applications. Some of my skills include:

Basic knowledge of C, C++, x86 assembly, Python, rust

Other skills/experience